Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 Spring Shoe Trends Pt. 1: Black & White

My obsession this spring is to find the perfect pair of black & white pumps. The first reason is because they are the one thing missing from my wardrobe to make this exact outfit a reality (thanks to my good friend Lea for sending me the inspiration).  

The second reason is because when I looked at this photo for a while, I realized how completely versatile a well-patterned black and white pump can be. It's the kind of shoe that will go with almost everything.

It will obviously add some flare to a little black dress, but how fun would it be with a bright orange dress too!? It would totally provide the perfect pop to a pair of black pants and a bright solid-coloured blouse.

Imagine them contrasting with canary yellow, emerald green, or vibrant red. It all works!

The conundrum now is...which pair. Can I afford the zig zag Nicholas Kirkwood's clocking in at close to a thousand?  No. The kitten heel Manolos?  No, not those either. I'm quite partial to the Banana Republic print (center of photo), at a much more reasonable $130-ish, but since Banana no longer sells their full shoe line in Canada (tragic), I'm still trying to come to terms with the extra $60 in duty and shipping first...we'll see.

Somehow, some way, I'll make it happen.

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