Sunday, February 15, 2015

What's Open & Closed on Family Day in Ontario?

Year after year you'd think we'd remember what's open and closed on all the statutory holidays, especially since we look forward to them so much, but even I can't do it despite writing all these blog posts, so don't be too hard on yourself if you've forgotten too.

Family Day is a newish holiday anyway, so it's easy to think maybe the rules are a bit different than something like Christmas - and they kinda are.

Here's What's Open on Family Day 2015 (spoiler alert: not much!)

1. Surprisingly, there will be mail delivery.  Whaaat? I know, right?

2. Eaton Centre, Square One and Vaughan Mills malls will all be open. Thank you "tourist destination" rules. Expect them to be busy because it is daaaamn cold out there people.

3. Movie Theatres - ah, what an entertaining respite from -30 degree temps.

4. SOME grocery stores. 

5. Touristy things to do, like the AGO, ROM, Science Centre, Ripley's Aquarium, and don't forget it's also Auto Show time if you love waiting in lines to sit in new cars. For you Burlington peeps, Nelson High School alum Jason Campbell is now the bigtime GM of the Canadian International Auto Show so kudos on that major gig for him! With years of experience running posh F1 events around the world, you can expect more exotics, better food, more lifestyle stuff, and cooler mobile & social media initiatives in the years ahead!

6. Restaurants. Mmmm...a nice hot meal that I don't have to prepare or clean up after sounds dreamy.

7. Parks. That's obvious, right? I know it's flippin' freezing out, but you have to make use of that toboggan at least once this year. Or take the dog (or kids) for a brisk walk. Family Day seems as good a day as any to enjoy a few moments of fresh air.

That's pretty much it peeps. No liquor, no beer, no banking and no libraries.

Have a great holiday and bundle up!!

~ xo Vic

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